.NET 5, the new period of Microsoft .NET Framework

After releasing  .NET Core 3.0 Microsoft is all set for .NET 5. So, what so special about .NET 5 projectFrom now onwards there is no “Core” and no “Framework” -its only .Net from here. 

According to the Microsoft’s  .NET Core milestones  page shows .NET 5  is due in November 2020. After that there will be .NET 6, .NET 7 a new version every year. 

They are skipping .NET 4 to simplify the naming as it will confuse the users who are familiar with .NET framework 4 series. 

.Net 5

.NET 5 provides libraries, frameworks, tools, and APIs to build, test, run, and deploy software that targets all platforms including Windows, Linux, IoTs, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOSwatchOS and Web Assembly, and all devices including desktops, web browsers, IoT devices, tablets, mobile phones, and more. 

In .NET 5 one BCL framework will handle all the app models including the following 

  • Asp.NET Core 

  • Entity Framework Core 

  • Blazer 

  • WPF 

  • WinForms 

  • Xamarin 

  • ML.NET 

Thing of .Net core which will remain same in .NET 5 

  • High Performance 

  • Cross platform implementation 

  • Side by Side installation 

  • Visual studio, visual studio for Mac 

  • Open source 

New things which will be included in .NET 5 

  • Developers will have more choice on runtime experiences. 

  • Java interoperability will be available on all platforms. 

  • Objective-C and Swift interoperability will be supported on multiple operating systems. 

.NET 5 is described by Microsoft as “the future of .NET !!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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