Clanstech Logo

CLAN means "a large family or group of people who share the same interest" and TECH defines "TECHNOLOGY", and that's what makes CLANSTECH™. CLANSTECH™ is a service based company basically. We mainly work in .NET technology.

Our Vision

In today’s word, everything is online or going to be online. Information must reach each and every individual. We believe in helping people to achieve this. Irrespective of the size or location of any business, individual, organization (For profit and Non-Profit), we will help them go online.

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to design leading edge website applications. We serve businesses and individuals along with profit or non-profit organizations. Clanstech’s team uses latest Microsoft technologies to provide distinctive but informative online identity as per the client’s requirements.

We Work In Following Technology & Tools

We are a service based company. We mainly work in .Net technology using C#. CLANSTECH™ provide services like - Website Development, Website Designing and Website Maintenance.